RED LINE OIL 20WT Race Oil - 0,946 L - Cars & Vibes

RED LINE OIL 20WT Race Oil - 0,946 L

  • Multigrade racing oil SAE 5W20.
  • Consistent wear and operation in drag racing classes like Stock and Super Stock
  • Popular for qualifying in stock car engines
  • Used by many top engine builders in Spec Miata and other low-power road race engines
  • Provides more power and better wear in Four-Cycle karting engines like Yamaha/Burris F200, Briggs Animal and World Formula, Honda GX 160 and GX 200, Kohler, Techmseh and Clones

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  • Race motor oils are competition-only formula for extreme temperature and performance. They are not designed for street use and long drain interval.
  • Done in full synthetic Group IV PAO/Group V ester base stocks with ~2300 ppm Zinc, 2000 ppm Phosphorus as ZDDP 800 ppm Molybdenum
  • Contain special detergents for improved lubricity and less detonation
  • Designed to withstand most extreme temperatures
  • Maximizes horsepower and fuel economy

Race oil offer 2-4% more power than standard synthetic oil of a similar viscosity

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