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OMP KS-3 Karting Shoes

  • Excellent entry level kart boot
  • Stylish design
  • Suede leather with mesh inserts

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The OMP KS-3 is a medium cut kart boot constructed from premium suede leather and mesh inserts, which promote optimal breathability. These boots come equipped with fully flexible inserts located at the rear, enhancing driver comfort, and a traditional lace-up closure system. The sole has been custom-tailored for go-karting, providing superior grip and pedal feel while also offering exceptional comfort when walking trackside. The KS-3 is an excellent entry-level kart boot that boasts innovative design and color options, making it a stylish and practical choice for kart enthusiasts.

Colors: Black (071), Red (060), Black/white (076), Black/fluo yellow (178), Black/red (073), Blue/cyan(244)
Sizes: 32÷47

Supplier reference
KC0-0826-A01, KC0-0826-A01-060-32, KC0-0826-A01-060-33, KC0-0826-A01-060-34, KC0-0826-A01-060-35, KC0-0826-A01-060-36, KC0-0826-A01-060-37, KC0-0826-A01-060-38, KC0-0826-A01-060-39, KC0-0826-A01-060-40, KC0-0826-A01-060-41, KC0-0826-A01-060-42, KC0-0826-A01-060-43, KC0-0826-A01-060-44, KC0-0826-A01-060-45, KC0-0826-A01-060-46, KC0-0826-A01-060-47, KC0-0826-A01-071-32, KC0-0826-A01-071-33, KC0-0826-A01-071-34, KC0-0826-A01-071-35, KC0-0826-A01-071-36, KC0-0826-A01-071-37, KC0-0826-A01-071-38, KC0-0826-A01-071-39, KC0-0826-A01-071-40, KC0-0826-A01-071-41, KC0-0826-A01-071-42, KC0-0826-A01-071-43, KC0-0826-A01-071-44, KC0-0826-A01-071-45, KC0-0826-A01-071-46, KC0-0826-A01-071-47, KC0-0826-A01-073-32, KC0-0826-A01-073-33, KC0-0826-A01-073-34, KC0-0826-A01-073-35, KC0-0826-A01-073-36, KC0-0826-A01-073-37, KC0-0826-A01-073-38, KC0-0826-A01-073-39, KC0-0826-A01-073-40, KC0-0826-A01-073-41, KC0-0826-A01-073-42, KC0-0826-A01-073-43, KC0-0826-A01-073-44, KC0-0826-A01-073-45, KC0-0826-A01-073-46, KC0-0826-A01-073-47, KC0-0826-A01-076-32, KC0-0826-A01-076-33, KC0-0826-A01-076-34, KC0-0826-A01-076-35, KC0-0826-A01-076-36, KC0-0826-A01-076-37, KC0-0826-A01-076-38, KC0-0826-A01-076-39, KC0-0826-A01-076-40, KC0-0826-A01-076-41, KC0-0826-A01-076-42, KC0-0826-A01-076-43, KC0-0826-A01-076-44, KC0-0826-A01-076-45, KC0-0826-A01-076-46, KC0-0826-A01-076-47, KC0-0826-A01-178-32, KC0-0826-A01-178-33, KC0-0826-A01-178-34, KC0-0826-A01-178-35, KC0-0826-A01-178-36, KC0-0826-A01-178-37, KC0-0826-A01-178-38, KC0-0826-A01-178-39, KC0-0826-A01-178-40, KC0-0826-A01-178-41, KC0-0826-A01-178-42, KC0-0826-A01-178-43, KC0-0826-A01-178-44, KC0-0826-A01-178-45, KC0-0826-A01-178-46, KC0-0826-A01-178-47, KC0-0826-A01-244-32, KC0-0826-A01-244-33, KC0-0826-A01-244-34, KC0-0826-A01-244-35, KC0-0826-A01-244-36, KC0-0826-A01-244-37, KC0-0826-A01-244-38, KC0-0826-A01-244-39, KC0-0826-A01-244-40, KC0-0826-A01-244-41, KC0-0826-A01-244-42, KC0-0826-A01-244-43, KC0-0826-A01-244-44, KC0-0826-A01-244-45, KC0-0826-A01-244-46, KC0-0826-A01-244-47
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