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ALPINESTARS Kart Rain Youth Suit

  • Lightweight, 100% waterproof materials 
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Asymmetric front opening design 

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Crafted from lightweight, breathable materials that are both 100% waterproof and equipped with taped seams, the Kart Racing Suit is a critical accessory for drivers who want to take to the track even in the toughest conditions. The elasticized waist, cuffs, and legs, as well as the tailored fit, ensure a comfortable and secure fit, even at high speeds, while the waterproof zipper and Velcro closure collar work to keep water out. Additionally, the suit features a reinforced right elbow to protect against the heat generated by the kart's engine. Another thoughtful design detail is the see-through material used to create the suit, which allows the driver's suit to remain visible.

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